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Monday, July 7, 2014

The End of Personal Training

I have owned a small gym Jackhammer Strength Training in Columbus, Ohio for three and a half years.  In that time I have trained over 1200 different people from all walks of life.  From sedentary moms to marathon runners, rugby players, and even Ironman Triathletes.  You might think that after 42 months I would have a ton of personal training clients.  However I have only one regular personal training client. 
Why do I only have one personal training client?  That is a great question and the best answer I can give you is that it is boring.  Yes personal training is boring.  In a one on one setting you truly get to know someone as well as all of the stuff going on in their lives especially if they do not have a filter. 
Why is small group training much better than personal training?  You can still have a personal training plan but with added benefits such as it being much more affordable like $8 per workout instead of $30-50 per session.  You are inspired and motivated not only by your trainer but also by the other people in the session. 

On the motivation front it is truly helpful to have an accountability partner someone to say get up, get your butt to the gym, we have work to do.  Almost everybody needs an accountability partner.  I know I do.  That is why I typically have 50 of them.
My goal as a trainer, gym owner, and user of the Fitranx system (the first standardized fitness training system in the world) is to make sure you are mobile enough to do all of the exercises that we use and if you are not give you corrective exercises so you can become mobile enough for said exercises.  Once you are mobile enough it is my hope that you will advance through the Fitranx levels.  I will help you do this by creating a personal training plan combined with complexes based on the level you are at.  We only do these plans when there are not very many people in our sessions.

If you want to know what kind of stuff we do check out our Youtube channel at:

When we combine our regular Metabolic Resistance Training (the best way to burn fat) with a strength training plan and complexes we get the best from three different training strategies, can level up, and get way better results than from most personal training plans.  If you would like to try us out I would be honored.