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Friday, March 4, 2011

Arnold expo!

All kinds of things happen at The Arnold Festival which is happening this weekend in Columbus, Ohio. This was the fourth time that I attended the expo. Each time I am less impressed. I used to be in awe like a little kid seeing Lou Ferigno (hulk), Frank Zane, Ronny Coleman, jay Cutler, Jamie Eason, and of course Arnold. Two years ago during the beginning of the pump and run I gave Arnold 5/shook his hand. Today he walked by me and was probably 2-3 feet away and all I wanted to do was for Arnold to go on by so I could find the ISSA table to place a lead box at. The guys do not seem as big to me anymore, the girls do not seem as attractive, and I do not really care about all the free bs supplements. Yes I still got supplements but then again I still have some left over from last year. Unlike a lot of people I realize that a crappy diet plus supplements is still a crappy diet.

The things I liked that happend today are I placed a lead box at the ISSA table, obtained a coupon code for the CSCS preparation and test which will save me about $400, met a plastic surgeon in Dublin who is on board for a plastic gift card promotion, and met a man who works for a Columbus magazine. Also today I sent Eversave an email about pushups for charity. Next up make my pushups for charity website, contact local police, fire, and every media outlet in the Columbus area. After that contact businesses to donate prizes to top competitors, watch the rest of my fit body boot camp videos, play around with Izigg text autoresponders, figure out the ins and outs of my volo software, go through the irainmaker tutorials, order signs for pushups for charity and Jackhammer Strength Training, get car decals, hang two more banners in facility, schedule more networking events, contact more businesses that have had recent online coupons, get more clients, train more people, over deliver, help people improve their lives, have my assisstant start training, and take a much needed vacation.

On another note yesterday I hex bar deadlifted 405. It had been a while. Muscle memory is amazing! Today I benched 255 for 3 easy reps. I think the planks, swings, and presses are making me a little stronger.

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