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Friday, January 1, 2016

Jackhammer Strength Training`s Top Gyms in Columbus, Ohio

Happy New Year Let the fitness New Years resolutions begin. If you want to be successful give the little guys a chance, avoid the big box gyms, do functional training, and do not drive to wait to be on cardio machines. Every one of you is more a machine than any bike, any rowing machine, any elliptical, any treadmill, any smith machine, or any other machine out there.

 If you do not know what to do their are apps, their are over 400 gyms just in Columbus. Over 27 crossfit gyms in Columbus, If I did not own a gymJackhammer Strength Training this is the list of gyms I might go to in no particular order: The Spot Athletics, 11 Athletics, YMCA especially Hilliard, Groveport Rec Center, Body By Greg, Power Shack, Premiere at Sawmill, RPAC and other OSU facilities. I am sure their are many other quality gyms but I have not been to them or know what they are doing at them. 

Where ever you go do not expect to get into shape over night. It took me 9 years of lifting to get to the elusive 300 pound bench, it took me 30 years to go from 14 to 21 pullups, it took me 20 years to hit a 514 pound hex bar deadlift. Yes I have lost 30 pounds in 6 weeks, I have also put on 50 pounds in one year. Both of those occurred when I was 23. If you would like my help with any fitness goal message me and figure out a time to come in. We do small group training think of personal training plus conditioning. We have a 6 week partner transformation challenge starting Monday and I would love to help some more people. ‪#‎gettingbetter‬ ‪#‎jackhammerstrengthtraining‬

Imagine training with someone who has trained thousands of people, taken the best things from proven systems and created their own.  That is what you get at Jackhammer Strength Training.  We do cardio strength, rounds of ten like german volume training or crossfits 12 rounds of christmas, tabata style, long rounds, hurricanes, wheels, back to uni, balance, speed, power, exercise jenga, ceck of cards, hybrid 6 weeks to super hero, reverse ladders, 5-3-1. bands, kettlebells, barbells, complexes, dumbells, body weight, body weight plus band supersets.  These are the reasons I have gotten stronger, improved my endurance, and not gotten hurt in the last three years all while playing one of if not the most dangerous sport in the world Australian Rules Football.