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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Me? Stronger Than I Think?

Yes you, you are stronger than you think.  I love to lift heavy stuff and love making my clients stronger.  At Jackhammer Strength Training everyone gets stronger.  Ho much stronger depends on each individual.  If they push the envelope on a regular basis and are consistent they will get much stronger much quicker than those who go through the motions and are not consistent.  If you really want to improve the absolute most important thing is your mind.  What you think on a regular basis will do more for your fitness, your strength, your health, and even your life than any other thing.

You could train seven days a week to lose weight but if you do not believe it will happen it probably wont.  On the other hand if you decide you are going to do something then it is going to happen.  This is why it is so important to have goals.  When you have a specific goal and say you are going to do something your unconscious mind then believes it as well.  This means you are in a way thinking about it even when you are not thinking about it.

Here are some benchmarks that were set this week:

Five Hammerheads from Jackhammer Strength Training did Savage Race today a brutal 6.5mile adventure race with 25 obstacles.

Four new women who all started within the last six weeks hex bar deadlifted at least 200 pounds.  I am 100 percent sure that none of them thought they could pick up 200 pounds when they walked in to the gym but they were stronger than they thought.  You too are stronger than you think.  How hard are you willing to push yourself?  Can you be consistent?  Can you show up?  Do you have a competitive streak in you?  Are you ready to unleash the beast?

Two of the four girls who hit 200 pound hex bar deadlifts are working their tails off both in and out of the gym to go join the military.  They need to improve multiple aspects of their fitness and lose some pounds at the same time.  Through our hybrid training systems of training with the power lifts, metabolic resistance training, power cardio, and personalized personal training systems I have no doubt that they will get where they need to be.

Set a goal, a hard goal, and find someone to help you reach that goal.

It will happen if you believe it will!

Nathan Jordan
Bachelor`s Sport Management Wellness& Fitness Track
Jackhammer Strength Training
Squat, Slam, Push, Pull, and Squat