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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Online Personal Training and Nutrition

You want to get in shape but you live in the middle of nowhere or cannot afford a personal trainer or gym membership.  Do not worry I am here to help you.  My name is Nathan Jordan owner of Jackhammer Strength Training, Contributing author to "The Big Play Book", Australian Rules Football Player, former College Soccer player, and Amateur Strongman.   I have been a personal trainer for over nine years and in that time have done over 5,000 sessions here in Columbus, Ohio.   My training systems work wonders.  I have had clients lose 20 pounds in 6 weeks, 80 pounds in 6 months, gain 24 pounds in 2 months, and get 500 percent stronger on a lift dumbbell bench press in just 6 weeks.  

What should this mean to you?

This means that I can create a plan for you to finally reach your potential.  How are we going to do this?  It is quite simple you will tell me what you want, what your goals are, and a realistic time frame to accomplish said goals.  Once I know what you want I will make a plan of attack which will include:

1. A customized personal training plan based on equipment you have available.  If no equipment I will make you an all body weight plan!  This plan will have a strength component as well as a conditioning component.

2. A simple nutrition plan based on your weight loss or weight gain goals.  (if you do not reach your goals I will know you are not following the plan)

3. Facebook accountability group to help hold you accountable where you will post pictures of your workouts, personal records, recipes, and anything else that might help inspire someone.

4. 1 30 minute Monthly Phone call or skype call with me.

Getting a similar nutrition plan through a registered dietitian would easily cost over a thousand dollars.  These nutrition plans are very serious things like Cancer prevention, extreme fat loss, and gluten free.  But I am not going to charge you anywhere close to that.  These days tons of personal trainers are charging $50-80 per session.

You are going to get all of this for only $1.  If you decide you like it after the first month you will be billed just $49 per month and can cancel at any time.

Call me right now at (614) 499-4633

Personal training plan, Nutrition, Accountability Group, and Personal Phone Call!

That`s right just $1.