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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Online Personal Trainer Columbus Ohio

Why am I getting back into online fitness training? What is this? Is online personal training even a real thing? Yes it is and it is growing.

I became a certified personal trainer through the ISSA in 2006. For five years I trained clients at houses, apartment complexes, and various parks.  Then in 2011 I opened Jackhammer Strength Training.  For a brief time I did online training before I opened my physical location.  I did not think that I could hold people accountable with their training nor had I truly developed a training style.

Now after over 5 years training thousands of hours, training everyone imaginable from police to stroke victims to triathletes I have developed very powerful training systems.  Basically strength and conditioning plans like you might get from a college strength coach but custom made for anyone based on their abilities and limitations.

An example would be a plan for a man we will call Joe. Joe wants to get stronger, lose 20 pounds, and is a very busy man with lots going on.  Joe cannot get to a traditional gym very often and is skeptical that he can get stronger while training at home.  What kind of things could make you stronger without access to a gym?  Joe has a house, with a basement that has joists.  Joe can now do pullups on the joists, or inverted rows on the support beams.  He can grab a back pack full of books and do pushups, carries, steps.  He can do variations of pushups, pullups, body weight squats, lunges, dips, stretches, things to maximize tension.  

If I find out where Joe is fitness wise I can easily make him a 3,6,or 12 month plan to help him get stronger, improve his overall conditioning, and lose 20 pounds.  Using a very powerful software program I will make a plan for Joe.

How will I hold Joe accountable?  Some online trainers do phone calls, texts, emails, skype, or video.  I will hold Joe accountable through one phone call and one video message per week.  He will be responsible for the video each week.  This video is to ensure that he is doing the more difficult exercises properly and to ensure that he is ready to move on to the next phase of the program each week.

One more way I will hold Joe or people like Joe accountable are through actual one on one or small group sessions.  Some of the biggest fitness business gurus in the world think that online training will be the fastest growing segment in the fitness industry.  I believe they are right.  I plan on offering a hybrid model of online training plus personal training, online training plus small group training, and just online training.

The biggest reason I am getting into online training though is not because of it possibly being the fastest growing segment of the fitness industry but because of the amount of people out there touting themselves as fitness experts.  I am a part of a group on a social media site with over 5,000 members.  Lots of these people probably paid $50 for a certification that they got in a couple of hours.  How much knowledge does someone have from taking a two hour test?  

Another reason I am getting into online training is that I should be able to attract my ideal customer easier.  Being in Columbus, Ohio the strongest city in the world it often seems hard to attract my ideal customer.  With this hybrid approach I hope to reach hundreds of people who want to get stronger guys who want to bench 200 and 300 pounds and women who want to squat their body weight or do their first pullup.  People who are turned off by Crossfit and do not like the idea of training with 20-40 people at a time, want to compete against themselves, get better on a continuous basis, and not get injured because they were doing a lift they were not prepared to do or were too fatigued to do properly.   

In my plans people will be training the seven primal movements squat, lunge, push, pull, jump, run, and twist or bend.  Every phase of training will hit the seven primal movements with various ab routines and complexes for conditioning.

What is a complex?  I am glad you asked a complex is a series of exercises performed in rapid succession usually 6-8 moves with the same implement.  Complexes can be geared towards strength or towards conditioning.  I prefer to use them for conditioning and use about 40 different complexes on a regular basis with a 2-1 all the way up to a 6-1 work to rest ratio.  If you do something as hard as you can for 30 seconds and rest for 5 seconds and do that for 6 to 8 exercises in a row you will be breathing hard and you will get better!

An example would be: 32 seconds on and 8 seconds of rest

Kettlebell swing
Goblet jump squat
Kettlebell high pull left
Kettlebell high pull right
Kettlebell offset lunges left
Kettlebell offset lunges right

Who would do the above complex?  Someone that can do explosive exercises, someone who has demonstrated that they can hinge properly and therefore swing safely, someone with no shoulder issues, and someone that does not have knee problems.  

If someone had shoulder and knee issues and could not hinge properly they would not be doing this complex.  I might have them do a corrective exercise complex instead which would look something like this:

Hip thrust
Cook lift left
Cook lift right
Tea cup exercise
Dynamic Back burners
Wall Slides   

The biggest problem I see in the fitness industry is these cookie cutter programs with everyone doing the exact same thing.  Insanity should not be done by most people that is why it causes tons of injuries.  Virtually every popular training regimen in the world is probably not the best program for the average person.

I have 20 years of training under my belt, a Bachelor’s Degree, many certifications, am a published author and am looking for three guinea pigs to be my first online clients.  

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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Get Stronger!

According to Louis Simmons the greatest strength coach in the world.  A man needs to be able to do 42 inch box jumps to show a minimum level of power.  My best box jump is only 36 inches at 5'9 225 so I guess I am not as powerful as I thought.  On my best jump I probably would have gotten onto a 39 inch box.

Relative Strength is extremely important when playing sports.  If you have two athletes and one can squat 450 pounds weight 180 pounds and another squatting 440 pounds at 220 pounds the first athlete has a much higher relative strength level 2.5-1 versus 2-1.

My best squat to below parallel is 385 pounds and my best box squat to slightly above parallel is 500 pounds.  These were both done in the 225-230 pound range.  When I was in high school I did not do squats or deadlifts but I could leg press 1060 pounds for six reps.  I think if I had squatted in high school I probably would have done the same as I can now if not more.  385 at 155 is 2.48- 1 ratio.  This is why I could dunk a softball in high school.

How much more can I squat?  With the right training partners?  With accommodating resistance?  With the right atmosphere?  I have no doubt that I can hit a 500 pound squat eventually.  I already did box squat that much.  Will I hit it training at my gym Jackhammer Strength Training?  Will I find a lifting partner at Beyond Limits who can push me and train during the day when normal people are at work?  Will I go to the Dogg House and become an absolute beast?  Will I get strong enough that I will be invited one day to train at West Side Barbell?

My clients keep getting stronger but just like I am not strong enough to train at West Side Barbell many people are not at the minimum level they need to be at to train at Jackhammer Strength Training.  Yes, I can train people of all levels but that does not mean that I should.  I know quite a bit about corrective exercises and what to have people do with various movement limitations. I want to be stronger than I am now and I want to help normal people be stronger and fitter than they have ever been at any stage of their life.  I want the 35-55 year olds to train with me oms, dads, grandmothers, grandfathers who want to be resilient, look good, feel good, minimize back pain, lose weight, and get stronger.  I want Jackhammer Strength Training to bridge the gap between being strong in a commercial gym and the beasts that train at the reknown power lifting gyms in the Columbus, Ohio area.

Eleven days ago I hit a goal a 300 pound pullup.  That may not be impressive to you but how many times have you seen someone do a 300 pound pullup regardless of their size?  I did this at 230 pounds plus 72 pounds with the dip belt and two 35 pounders.  When is the last time you hit a big goal?  If it has been a while shoot me a message I would love to come up with a plan that can get you to your goals.  Nathan Jordan