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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Adventure Racing Club

Run, jump, push, pull and mud should get you prepared for an adventure race.  Though dodge, dip, duck, dive, and dodge will prepare you for a game of dodgeball you need to do a little more for one of these unforgettable races..

Adventure racing has grown from a relatively little known sport to millions of people participating and it will continue to get bigger.  Probably the most common adventure race is Warrior Dash which started in 2009.  Other races include Mud Ninja, Ruckus, and Tough Mudder.  Here is a calender of adventure races in Ohio.

My own experience with Adventure racing is limited to the Warrior Dash which I did last year in Logan, Ohio and the Mud Ninja this sumer.  The Warrior Dash is a 5 k race with 10-12 obstacles.  In my mind I was not in very good shape at the time but when I was finished I was ready to go again.  It is very exhilarating to run down a big hill with hundreds of people in the mud and then have to climb over walls, jump over cars, and crawl in the dark.  The Mud Ninja is also a 5k race but it is an extremely challenging course with 20 obstacles and a very hilly terrain most people need to train for this one.
For next year I have set my sights on Tough Mudder which is a 10-12 mile adventure race with 25 obstacles designed by British Special Forces.  To get ready for Tough Mudder I have enlisted a training partner who has much more endurance and is stronger than I am.  I also play Australian Rules Football which combines lots of running with, kicking, hitting, and jumping.  Training with someone who is stronger and has more endurance than you do will push you farther than you could otherwise go which is something most people need to get in great all around condition and complete a race such as this. 
There is also an event World’s Toughest Mudder which has some of the fittest people on the planet doing a Tough Mudder course as many times as they can in 24 hours.  There are three ways to enter this race first be in the top 5 % of finishers for your Tough Mudder race, secondly submit a wildcard application, and thirdly return for more after having been in the 2011 World’s Toughest Mudder.

I talked to my friend (Sheepdog) about the worst obstacles and they were jumping into freezing water, being completely submerged in 40 something degree weather and getting shocked at the end of another obstacle.  He did not train specifically for the event but was in very good shape from the demands of his sport.

I think just about anyone who can run a mile can do a 5 k adventure race .  You should not be scared.  If I can do it you can as well.  If you like getting dirty and challenging yourseIf do yourself a favor and sign up for an upcoming adventure race.  If you feel you need help to get ready for an adventure race there are many ways to do so.  One of the best ways is to join a gym with a group training atmosphere where you will run, jump, push, pull, and run.  

The classes at Jackhammer Strength Training will help prepare you for your next race from your first 5k to Tough Mudder our staff can help you get to the next level.  Our Columbus, Ohio personal trainers will get you where you need to be.

Jackhammer Strength Training Proud Member of Fitness Revolution Nation will be starting our very own adventure racing club.  This club will have 2 extra workouts per week with a specific focus and will be outside when there is decent weather.  Also 20% of all profits will go into a fund for adventure races during the year.

For more information call Nathan Jordan
at 614 499-4633

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Future of Jackhammer Strength Training

The future of my Jackhammer Strength Training is up in the air as to where we will be, what our niche will be, how many people we can help, and how we market to our prospective clients.

One location is very close to two apartment complexes with lots of young professionals who might be interested in having a fitness trainer.  It is far away from much of the competition in the campus area but it is still close to Grandview, Upper Arlington, and Hilliard.  It is a decent size space 1200 square feet with a small restroom.  Other perks are potential joint ventures with the apartment complexes and the tanning place in the same strip mall, is much more affordable than where I am now, and might even get some drive by traffic

The other possible location is in a warehouse on West Fifth Ave. and is back behind Brazenhead.  The space has huge potential kind of like my current location.  If all goes well I will end up there.  In an ideal world this space would have 4 showers, 2 restrooms, a smoothie bar, a small personal training studio, and a 3000 square foot training area which would include an area with a wrestling mat, heavy bags, for mma type activities, and an area for my large groups which would have most of my current fitness toys plus battling ropes, tires, burn machines, more medicine balls, Atlas stones, 3 platforms, and a small patch of Astroturf about 40 yards by 15 feet.  The downside of this location is it costs about a thousand more dollars per month than the Quarry market location, does not have much parking, and is close to a ton of other gyms.  The perks of being able to have multiple profit streams at once is very appealing.  For example I could have a trainer bringing in personal training clients where I keep a certain percentage and at the same time be doing group training classes with 15 people, and even have another group of people training for fighting or strongman. 

I know which location I want to go to and I know which location I should go to.  It may end up coming down to weather or not the bigger location will accept my original offer.  Either way my business is going to get a lot better after I move. 

Talk to you soon,

Nathan Jordan
Jackhammer Strength Training
Proud Member of Fitness Revolution Nation
(614) 499-4633

Friday, September 21, 2012

Moving, Personal Training, Aussy Rules, Crossfit

Hello fellow Jackhammer readers,

Have you ever had something happen to you which helped shape the future so completely that looking back on it you know exactly what it was that sent you down that path?  I know exactly what it was that made me decide to help others get fit by becoming a personal trainer.  I have heard many times that if you help enough people get what they want you will eventually get what you want.  I think I am just about at that point where I am going to get what I want.

Jackhammer Strength Training will be moving its facility very soon.  I am looking at two possible locations one of which I could have my dream facility.  This facility is over 4,000 square feet and would have a personal training studio, a huge 3,000 square foot training area for large group classes and athletic training, as well as showers, and a smoothie bar of sorts.  This would be an ideal space because it is easy to find, close to campus, and have multiple revenue streams.

If I get in this facility I will become Crossfit certified and eventually affiliate with Crossfit.  This would allow me to train far more athletes.  I want to do this for a couple of reasons first and foremost I love challenging super athletes like the Iron Man Triathletes, and former college sprinters.  The other big reason I want to have a Crossfit gym is for it to be a breeding ground for the greatest game on Earth Australian Rules Football.  I am in my fifth year of playing and I would like to have a huge Metro league in the Columbus area.  Most people that do Crossfit are incredible athletes but it seems to me that they just want to keep improving their lifts, runs, and times just to improve rather than to dominate a sport.  It is my intention to open up a crossfit gym to eventually have a Metro league here in Columbus of 6 teams of 15 people with the four best players from each team getting to represent Columbus on the Jackaroos.

If I get into this space the sky is the limit I would have 104 hours a week available for personal training sessions up to 4 people at a time,  I would also have 4-6 time slots per day for the fun stuff 515 am, 6 am, 9 am, 530 pm, 630 pm, and possibly noon. 

Monday, July 23, 2012

Nutrition Guest post by Main Morning Trainer Kyle

One of the most frequent questions I get from clients is the following: What should I eat before I workout? What should I eat after the workout? These are great questions, especially for those who I seem on a daily basis as our workouts are first thing in the morning. It really depends on the type of exercise -- a brisk walk or light jog on an empty stomach is fine; just drink a glass of water before heading out the door. For more intense exercise (WHICH WE ALWAYS DO!), eat some easy-to-digest carbs -a packet of instant grits, a slice of toast, half a plain bagel, a banana, or cup of fruit cocktail washed down with a glass of water to help provide fuel. After sleeping, the overnight fast can deplete your liver stores of carbohydrate, so a quick boost of carbs before longer exercise is recommended. As far as after working out is concerned, protein shakes and powders carry are ideal, but your muscles don’t care if the protein comes from a hard-boiled egg, glass of chocolate milk (Strongly recommend) or that whey protein shake. Whatever you choose, more isn’t always better as up to 20 grams of protein is needed to provide amino acids (the building blocks of protein) to muscles. Your after workout meal in the morning (and in general) is in my opinion the most important meal of the day. Hopefully this answers some questions as far as what to eat before and after. Just note that what works for some does not work for all! Find your niche that works for you and continue to go with it. Have a great day and keep on working!!!!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Crunch Time!

It is almost crunch time and I do not mean time to do crunches. It is time to make a decision. What you decide to do today could be the most important thing you ever choose to do in your life. Maybe you have been thinking about losing some weight but you need a little push to get you motivated enough to follow through. Thinking about it does nothing for your goals. You must follow through. If you want something bad enough you will do what you need to do to get it done. What do you want? Do you want to lose 20 pounds or do you want to look in the mirror and say "dam I look good?" Goal setting is great but it does not do anything if you do not take action steps on a regular basis to reach those goals. I recently read if you are not publishing or performing you are not doing anything for your business. If you have read this far I will let you in on the decision I have to make. I am contemplating moving to a place similar in size but would get 2 months free and my rent would be considerably cheaper every month. The location has slightly better demographics but almost exactly the same. The reasons I want to move basically boil down to two things. One I do not like that certain people seem to promote others and two the money. The questions I need to ask are how much will it cost me to move? How many of my people will move with me? How much will build out cost? Can I have my dad help me with structural improvements or do I need a licensed contractor? If I move will I be able to transition into the youth market? If I stay will I eventually start being the go to trainer for soccer, volleyball, and other sports or would I be content to stand by training no youth athletes while the competition trains them all day long? There is so much opportunity in my location. I just need to meet more of the coaches and parents develop relationships with them, let them know about what we do and what we are trying to do. I am not content just training adults. My goal is to start training kids primarily 10-12 year olds. If they are soccer players even better. If you read this and have any advice. Please get back to me. Thanks, Jackhammer

Friday, May 25, 2012

Hello, I hope you have an amazing weekend. I have a couple of things for you. First of all as some of you know I am finally resigning from my day job which will free up about 50 hours a week to get better at helping you reach your goals. I will have more time to create training programs, nutrition plans, as well as following up and using systems to help you lose weight and build muscle. Some of the things I am doing include using new Client Management Software where you will let me know when you are coming to class so we can: a. create training programs appropiate for the people coming to class b. know how many people are coming c. help hod you accountable We also will be doing more thourough assessments which will include things such as regular monthly weigh-ins, body fat checks, blood pressure readings, and diet plans to consume the correct number of calories each day to help you reach your goals. This weekend Jackhammer Strength Training is sponsoring the Rescue Run which raises money for Pet Promise a local organization which helps neglected dogs and cats get the treatment and help they need. If you would like to participate it is $30. Alternatively if you or someone you know want to help the cause but can not do the race you can come back to Jackhammer Strength Training for 5 weeks for $47 with 25% going to neglected animals. One last thing I have volunteered for the Mud Ninja race on July 28 and they need more volunteers. If you volunteer you can do the race for only $10. They need more volunteers so please let me know if this is something you would be interested in. Nathan Jordan Jackhammer Strength Training Proud Member of Fitness Revolution Nation Bachelor's Degree Sport Management Wellness & Fitness Track California University of Pennsylvania (614) 499-4633