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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Pr`s and Lifting Log Columbus, Ohio

The lifting log is one of the most important things you can do in the gym.  Keeping track of what you do can be motivational, can be a guide, and an inspiration to others.  Some people log everything, some log some things, some log personal records, and others log nothing.

Where do I lie in this spectrum?  I keep track of probably about 90 percent of what I consider my workouts.  If I do 1 set of pullups, pushups, or ab work, or even a couple of sets it is probably not going in my lifting log.  However if I am following a plan it is almost always going in my log. I take my personal records seriously but not to the point that some people do.  Some lifters now their maxes for all kinds of rep schemes.  I know my all time prs on most lifts curl, rack pulls, clean, clean and press, log press, squat, box squat, hex bar deadlift, hex bar carry, hex bar off stepper, bench press with and without the bench daddy, pullups, turkish getups, weighted dips,dumbbell extensions, box jump height, Murph time, most pullups in a day, weighted pullup, kettlebell swings, hip thrust, 1 arm row, kettlebell 10 minute snatch test, 2 mile time.

Think about your records what are they?  What records are you most proud of in the gym, on a track, riding a bike, or swimming?  Do you keep track?  If so why?  If not why not?

I kept a very detailed excell spread sheet for 4 years from 2008-2012.  My current lifting log is about a year and a half old.  I have kept others at times but these are definitely my main ones.  I can look back and see that I squatted x amount for x amount of reps and x amount of sets.  This can guide me to progressing beyond that or getting back to it if I have concentrated on other parts of training and let some other lift go down for some reason.  Yes sometimes personal records go down you cannot always hit the weights like you have in the past.  My reasons for not hitting weights I could in the past are injuries and maybe reaching my maximum potential on certain lifts.  

Take the bench press for example.  In 2008 I benched 300 pounds but now if I bench over 205 pounds my right shoulder hurts.  This is why I used the bench daddy when I bench.  It takes away shoulder pain and allows me to train with a weight that I can get a training effect with for what I am after building strength.  With the bench daddy recently probably 4 weeks ago ( I do not have my lifting log in front of me right now) I hit 255 pounds for 6 reps about 3 months ago I did 290 with the bench daddy.  The bench daddy is a band that goes around your triceps and as you go down the band goes out a bit, when you come up the tension from the band helps you lift the weight off your chest, takes stress off of your shoulders, and can relieve shoulder pain.  

At Jackhammer Strength Training a small group training, personal training, and 24 hour facility we have a PR board for those interested in PR’s.  On our pr board is bench, clean and press, deadlift, squat, pullups, and rack pulls.  As a trainer who was nicknamed human calculator in college I can look at the pr board and know what weight someone should use to hit a certain number of reps.  If Kris can bench 200 pounds 1 time then he should be able to hit 150 pounds for 10 reps, if I want him to have 6 challenging reps probably 165 pounds.  Even for those without numbers on the board I still have a very  good idea of what types of weights for people to use for various rep schemes as well as for timed durations since usually we are in a metabolic format.  

If you would like to benefit from my 20 plus years in the gym, and over 30,000 hours of fitness training sessions come on in to Jackhammer Strength Training 3002 McKinley AVe, Columbus, Oh 43204

Nathan Jordan
Bachelor`s Sport Management Wellness & Fitness Track

614 499-4633

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Team Training in Columbus Ohio

Hey it`s Nate here with Jackhammer Strength Training.  I have been in the trenches lifting, learning, and training for 23 years, owned my own gym for over 6 years, am an Amateur Strongman, Amateur Australian Rules Football player, and former strength and conditioning coach for an amateur team. Why am I telling you all of this?  Because I am ready to take on you and your team as training clients.

What can you expect from team training?  Results, accountability, learning new lifts, fitness challenges.  If someone needs to get stronger they will get stronger, if someone needs more power they will get more power, if someone needs to lose weight they will lose weight.  I can help you and your team mates reach their physical potential.

Team training at Jackhammer will be less than 8 people.  We have several time slots available but could potentially add more.  We use barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, strongman implements, and resistance bands.  We follow 23 different training systems to create one huge system.  Is it like Crossfit?  No, we are not like Crossfit we do not run very much, we do not use rowing machines, we do not do kipping pullups, we definitely do have some similarities though.

Why do I think I can help you and your team?  Success stories that`s why and this is what I do.  Jill was an Ironman Triathlete who joined our small group training classes she could not train very often as she was very busy trying to become an orthopedic surgeon.  Jill came in twice a week for a year and qualified for Nationals in Half Ironman while training considerably less.  Bridget dropped 60 pounds and went from 0 to 40 pushups.

My personal records include a 514 pound hex bar deadlift, 27 pullups at 205, and a 700 pound rack pull.  Unless you are playing at the professional level or very high college level you most likely have not reached your potential.  I can help you reach your potential.

Potential team training times include 515 am, 7am, 930 am, 330 pm, and 630 pm.

Jackhammer Strength Training
3002 McKinley Ave. Columbus, Oh 43204
614 499-4633

Tuesday, May 2, 2017


Strongman competitions have a ton of different events many of which have very specialized equipment.  You are not going to find many gyms with an appolon wheel or fingals fingers.  How are you going to get ready for a competition when you do not have the implements you will be using?  You will probably be much better off if you can practice using the implements that will be in your competition.  But if not just try to get as strong as possible in similar types of movements.

If you are getting ready for a yoke carry you might want to carry a barbell on your back like you are going to squat.  If I were training for the Appolon wheel which I have never done I would really want to load up one side of my body more than the other.  Maybe I would try anchoring heavy resistance bands to a wall with one end on my hip and walk in a semi circle while carrying a huge dumbbell or barbell maybe I would add a weight vest or chains too.

If you are getting ready for stones and do not have atlas stones just start picking up big rocks.  Tire hummer deadlifts do rack pulls from various heights.  Try doing them with double over hand grips, then alternate grips, and then with straps.

Want to be prepared for a frame carry find a hex bar and carry lots of weight for short periods of time and sometimes carry lighter weights for long periods of time.

Need to get the log press up and do not have a log get strong in military presses, do incline bench presses, weighted dips, do neutral dumbbell clean and presses.

Need to squat more do box squats to various heights, get a training partner, use bands and chains for accommodating resistance. 

Fingals Fingers are very specialized and the only thing close that could be done in my gym would be huge tire flips.

Car deadlift practice make a homemade double landmine press, hook up a 7 foot barbell in both holes, put 45 pound weight plates on the end at least for the start, rest them on top of cinder blocks, stand between them and pull, add weight as needed.  If you do not have a double land mine press but have a hex bar do elevated hex bar pulls off of steppers, wood, or cinder blocks.

Other great versatile tools for the gym are kegs and sandbags. 

At Jackhammer Strength Training in Columbus, Ohio we have 4 different sized tires, a platform and atlas stones, a keg, a sandbag, medicine balls, hex bar, double land mine press, squat racks, a reverse hyper, barbells, dumbbells, resistance bands, battling rope, barbells, hip thrusts, and airdyne bikes for intense conditioning.

If you are looking for an intro to strongman training, personal training, powerlifting, small group training, personal training, or just improving your overall health in Columbus, Ohio you should check us out.  We are at 3002 McKinley Ave. in the quarry plaza just off Riverside and W.5th ave very close to Upper Arlington, Grandview, and Hilliard.

Please call Nate at 614 499-4633 to schedule your first session!