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Sunday, September 19, 2010

My favorite gym is open again!

Jesse Owens North is open again! The students are back at The Ohio State University. You might wonder why it is my favorite gym. The first reason is that I have lived less than 50 yards from this amazing gym for over 4 years. The second reason is the equipment squat racks, pullup bars, dip station, kettlebells, basketball courts, and the real power lifting stuff glute-ham machine, reverse hyper, and deadlift platform. Today I did some conventional deadlifts not too heavy though since it's been a while and I did not use a lifing belt.

The plan is to get my deadlift up to 500 pounds by my birthday next year. The most I've ever done is 450 on the hex bar and 415 conventional. I have done a 500 pound rack pull so I know I am capable of lifting a quarter ton. To get to the seemingly unreal 500 pound goal will take lots of dedication pulling at least every 5 days, cycling between low sets of heavy reps and higher rep sets with lower reps to not burn out my central nervous system too quickly. I will also have to supplement my deadlifting with lots of glute-hams, kettlebell swings, and reverse hypers to work my posterior chain and make my lower back strong enough to make that kind of lift. If anyone else wants to join me in a quest to get strong come see me at JON I will be there most evenings for the forseeable future!

Friday, September 10, 2010

I want to ride my bicycle!


I got my bike back today after two long weeks without it. I am not sure why it took them so long to fix it but the important thing is that I can ride again. I love to ride in the fall when it is not too hot out. I like the way my muscles feel, the wind, the trees, the river, the critters in the woods, seeing lots of people and dogs enjoying the great outdoors. Today I rode to Antrim Park plus a lap and back to campus. On my ride I stopped three times first to pet a Saint Bernard. She is very friendly I played with her and the larger one several months back. My second stop was at my favorite tree at the Park of Roses. I like to train using TRX suspension straps on this tree because it is the perfect height for me to do all kinds of exercises on. I did squats, one legged squats, y's, v's, biceps curls, and inverted rows.

When was the last time you rode a bike? If you used to ride a bike why did you stop? Is it because you don't have a bike anymore, scared of traffic, or something else? Hopefully I will ride to work at least once this coming week.


Sunday, September 5, 2010

Today's workout!

Today's workout plan was to go to the RPAC and do some light sets of squats, glute-ham raises, pullups, chest supported rows, one arm rows, some basketball, and then hotub but the RPAC is closing at 4 pm all weekend for Labor day so my workout became kettlebell swings, cleans, goblet squats, and presses. I tried some bottoms up presses, these really work your grip strength, with my 45# and got 3 reps with my right but none with my left probably because my left shoulder has been sore for about a week. In my sports Medicine Research class I am going to review either: How can a client with Multiple Sclerosis safely train to improve their balance and equilibrium or Can you reverse Diabetes through exercise and if so is cardiorespiratory activity or strength training more effective?