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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Pain, have you had enough

If you are reading this then you have probably suffered from back pain.  You might be suffering from back pain right now.  Maybe you even know your triggers for back pain yet you continue to choose to nothing about it.  My first bout of back pain came when I worked at a sawmill stacking wood.  It was only about a 30 pound board but I twisted wrong taking it off the chain and it felt like two birds eggs breaking.  This was when I was 23 years old.

For the next nine years I would get severe back pain.  I am fairly confident that what I had going on was a disc that was slipping.  When this happens it takes me about 10 minutes to stand up anywhere close to straight and I feel like an 85 year old man.  Chiropractors did not help, massages did not help, accupuncture did not help.  You would think that if the chiropractor gave you some workouts to do that they would help your condition.  But no my chiropractor actually gave me four exercises to do one of which I realized would do more damage than any other exercise that I could do.

You see I have been lifting for 21 years and I know what is good and what is not good for my body now.  When my back is jacked straight leg deadlifts are not good for me, explosive movements are not good for me.  So what is good for me?  Why is my back pain gone?

My back pain is gone because I started moving more and lifting less.  I do not lift less frequently but I have much more variety in what I do.  I train with body weight, resistance bands, kettlebells, and trx straps much more than the barbells and heavy dumbbells.  I am no longer chasing 315 pounds on the bench or 500 on my squat and deadlift.  I want to be as strong as possible while able to move as fast as possible for as long as possible without any excessive pain.

My back still hurts sometimes but now it is directly from the work or workouts that I do.  The discs are staying in place.  If I eat better e.g. more real foods, more fruits, more vegetables, less processed foods, less pop, less alcohol, and more water my back feels better.

I am no doctor but my back does not ever hurt like it used to.  I am the owner of Jackhammer Strength Training where we do personal training, boot camp, and small group training.  If you are in Columbus, Hilliard, Upper Arlington, or Grandview we are right down the road in the quarry plaza. My back pain is gone maybe yours could be too.

We have group times at 6 am, 8am, 430 pm, 530 pm, and 630 pm with personal training sessions in between.

To sum it up move more, eat better, and lift less heavy weights and your back should feel better.  If you want some help with your training I would love for you to come in and try us out.


Nathan Jordan
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Jackhammer Strength Training
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Thursday, September 24, 2015

You Want to be Fit? Are you sure?

You want to be fit?  Are you sure you want to be fit?  Is this something you think about day in and day out?  Do you get excited to try new workout routines, learn new lifts, train with new people, train at new facilities, get stoked when hitting a new pr?  If not you might not want to be fit.  

How bad do you want to be fit?  Do you want it bad enough to stop the self sabotage you might partake in every weekend?  I have known tons of people who train religiously during the week or eat almost perfectly and then the weekend comes.  Then they will eat horribly and drink too much alcohol.  Would you or could you reach your fitness goals quicker without those "fun filled weekends"?  Of course you could and so could I.

For some of you the weekend starts today.  I used to remember a time when the weekend started on Thursday.  Wow that was a long time ago.  If you are living it up Thursday-Saturday on a regular basis imagine how much you could improve if you only partied one day a week,  We all need an escape of some sort.  For some the escape is the workout.  For others it is food or the bottle.  What are you trying to do?

Getting stronger and improving endurance through metabolic resistance training in a small group format at Jackhammer Strength Training is a great escape.  You might love it so much that you will not even want to eat that pizza or grab that six pack.  When you are truly training hard you benefit so much from fueling the body that is your machine properly.  

Now who`s ready for some one handed 360 degree burpees, grilled chicken, and broccoli?

At Jackhammer Strength Training we want you to be consistent so we came up with the

100 Day Consistency Challenge.  We are not a boot camp but we do personal training and small group training,

You will pick a realistic plan of coming in to
Jackhammer Strength Training 1,2,or 3 times per week for small group training or personal training just triple the rates below.
1x/ week $100
2x/week $200
3X/week $300
6am, 8am, 430 pm, 530 pm, 630 pm
Better than personal training for $7 a session!
Just respond with I`m in 1x, 2x, or 3x and we will get you started!
It gets better though if you actually make it in the desired number of times per week that you signed up to come in you will get that much off any future program.
Let`s say you commit to the 2x/ week option and actually come in twice a week then you will save $200 off any 3,6, or 12 month program come 2016!
Respond I`m in 1x, 2x, or 3x
You know the Buckeyes will probably have a Big Bowl game and you will not have any fitness goals at the beginning of the year because of it.
100 Days only 1 decision to make
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Do you know someone else who could be or would like to be consistent?
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