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Thursday, December 23, 2010

A space to help you reach your goals!

I finally found a space. It is in a good location in Grandview off of Kenny Road. It is close to home, has heat, has bathrooms, utilities are included, has enough space, and has more space if I end up needing more. I need to figure out what color to paint it and what equipment I want to have in place whenI open up in January. Things on my list to include are boxes for box squatting and plyometrics, sand bags, squat racks for squatting, cleaning, deadlifting, and anchoring suspension straps from, medicine balls, weight trees, weight sets, kettle bells, and jump ropes. If you can think of any other necesities please let me know.


Nathan Jordan
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Thursday, December 16, 2010

To do list and motivation!

I have a lot of things I need to do. These include securing a space to run my boot camps, obtaining equipment for my camps, getting press releases out, posting flyers, placing lead boxes, collecting leads from lead boxes, contacting leads, scheduling camps, planning workouts, placing signs on my car, attending networking events, making contacts with people of influence e.g. hair dressers and Mary Kaye consultants, orderin plastic gift cards, and getting several things to try to resolve certain matters that I do not wish to go into here. I am in a rut here and need some motiation. Does anyone have any good book ideas for motivation?

On a completely unrelated note I feel that I am getting stronger. I benched 265 for an easy 3 reps probably could have gotten5, 285 for a very easy rep today without a spotter and just missed with 305. I know my weaknesses include my shoulders and once I strengthen my shoulders I will be able to get some respectable numbers. I plan on attempting a 20 rep squat program for a little while basically the plan is to do 100 reps with fairly light weights probably 155 pounds for 5 sets of 20 and then add 10 pounds each week. This should up my conditioning level a little bit and help me get used to squatting regularly again. After 6 weeks I should be ready to squat heavy again and hopefully get 405 pounds.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Quic kettlebell workout!

Today's workout consisted of 80 squats with an exercise ball with 20 of those reps holding a 30 # kettlebell, 60 swings with a 20#, 50 clean and presses each arm with a 30#, plank, 30 pushups, an 500 burnouts which are kind of like jumping rope without a rope. This was a quick workout becuase I have some things I want to get done tonight. I went through the first 44 hits on citysearch for gymnastics facilities in the Columbus area and I found 22 that I want to contact and see if I can train bootcamps in their facilities. I will be getting my 25 lead boxes later this week and have 2000 take one postcards which entile the bearer of the card a free week. I need a place to train people as I have 6,000 potential free sessions coming up. I can tain people at OSU facilities and Planet Fitness but need something more permanent. If you have any great ideas for where to put them besides restaurants, clothing stores, movie theaters, movie rental places, chiropractors, massage therapists, hair salons, tanning beds, or doctor's offices who are cosmetic surgeons please let me know. Also if you or anyone you know would like to help me place lead boxes, signs, and flyer in exchange for training let me know.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Medicine Ball Training!

Medicine balls allow you to do explosive exerises such as slams, granny throws, and throwing the ball backwards over your head. These exercises help develop the posterior chain which is important in everyday tasks like standing up, squatting down to pick something up, as well as other things like deadlifting and squatting hudreds of pounds. Medicine ball training can help athletes such as football, rugby, basketball, and aussy rules players. Medicine balls also allow you to work in different planes of motion. Their are all kinds of things you can do with a medicine ball as a warmup to your actual workout like rotational handoffs, woodchops, swings, and presses. When I was in high school I used to take a 10 pound medicine ball and throw it against my stomach 50 times in a row while doing a leg lift. I do not know if that helped my jumping ability but I did dunk a softball at 5'9. If you want to learn more contact me.
Nathan Jordan
(614) 499-4633

TRX Susension Training

Suspension training is unlike any other training modality. It incorporates all of the 37 core muscles. Because all the core muscles are activated you cannot train one muscle at a time like bodybuilders often try to do. This forces you to train the whole body as one synergistic unit instead of trying to hit individual muscles.

Some of the best suspension training exercises include chest presses, one leg jump squats, atomic push ups, the pendulum, and inverted rows. Suspension straps allow you to train in all three planes of motion transverse, sagital, and frontal.

One of the best things about suspension training is that you can increase or reduce the resistance by increasing or decreasing the angle. An example of this is the inverted row so imagine your feet are up against a tree holding onto straps suspended from a tree branch above you, your feet are horizontal to the ground and you pull yourself up. This is a real inverted row and it is very difficult. Now imagine you are standing and just leaning back at a 30 degree angle now it is a lot easier and you can probably do it without a problem regardless of your current fitness levels. By training in this manner you can progressively increase the angle and improve your physique with each subsequent workout.

TRX suspension straps are by Fitness Anywhere because you really can use them anywhere over a tree branch, pull-up bar, joist, or even on a door frame.

If you want to know more or have a training session let me know,

Nathan Jordan

614 499-4633

Sunday, September 19, 2010

My favorite gym is open again!

Jesse Owens North is open again! The students are back at The Ohio State University. You might wonder why it is my favorite gym. The first reason is that I have lived less than 50 yards from this amazing gym for over 4 years. The second reason is the equipment squat racks, pullup bars, dip station, kettlebells, basketball courts, and the real power lifting stuff glute-ham machine, reverse hyper, and deadlift platform. Today I did some conventional deadlifts not too heavy though since it's been a while and I did not use a lifing belt.

The plan is to get my deadlift up to 500 pounds by my birthday next year. The most I've ever done is 450 on the hex bar and 415 conventional. I have done a 500 pound rack pull so I know I am capable of lifting a quarter ton. To get to the seemingly unreal 500 pound goal will take lots of dedication pulling at least every 5 days, cycling between low sets of heavy reps and higher rep sets with lower reps to not burn out my central nervous system too quickly. I will also have to supplement my deadlifting with lots of glute-hams, kettlebell swings, and reverse hypers to work my posterior chain and make my lower back strong enough to make that kind of lift. If anyone else wants to join me in a quest to get strong come see me at JON I will be there most evenings for the forseeable future!

Friday, September 10, 2010

I want to ride my bicycle!


I got my bike back today after two long weeks without it. I am not sure why it took them so long to fix it but the important thing is that I can ride again. I love to ride in the fall when it is not too hot out. I like the way my muscles feel, the wind, the trees, the river, the critters in the woods, seeing lots of people and dogs enjoying the great outdoors. Today I rode to Antrim Park plus a lap and back to campus. On my ride I stopped three times first to pet a Saint Bernard. She is very friendly I played with her and the larger one several months back. My second stop was at my favorite tree at the Park of Roses. I like to train using TRX suspension straps on this tree because it is the perfect height for me to do all kinds of exercises on. I did squats, one legged squats, y's, v's, biceps curls, and inverted rows.

When was the last time you rode a bike? If you used to ride a bike why did you stop? Is it because you don't have a bike anymore, scared of traffic, or something else? Hopefully I will ride to work at least once this coming week.


Sunday, September 5, 2010

Today's workout!

Today's workout plan was to go to the RPAC and do some light sets of squats, glute-ham raises, pullups, chest supported rows, one arm rows, some basketball, and then hotub but the RPAC is closing at 4 pm all weekend for Labor day so my workout became kettlebell swings, cleans, goblet squats, and presses. I tried some bottoms up presses, these really work your grip strength, with my 45# and got 3 reps with my right but none with my left probably because my left shoulder has been sore for about a week. In my sports Medicine Research class I am going to review either: How can a client with Multiple Sclerosis safely train to improve their balance and equilibrium or Can you reverse Diabetes through exercise and if so is cardiorespiratory activity or strength training more effective?

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Getting started with an exercise program!

How does someone get started with an exercise program? For myself I don't have to worry about it because I have exercised if not acually trained regularly for the past 8 years. But for most people the biggest hurdle is to actually get started exercising in the first place. The first thing you need to do is to decide to start exercising. The second is to committ to that program.

Once you have made the committment to start a program you need to consider the different aspects of fitness such as cardio, flexibility, stability, strength, muscular endurance, and power. Their are different ways to learn about ways to exercise. You could find someone else who allready exercises and try to learn from them. You could watch youtube of different exercises. You could buy a book such as The Abs Diet Get Fit, Stay Fit Plan. Probably the number one way to get started is to hire a knowledgable trainer to start training you.

What should you look for in a trainer? Probably someone who knows anantomy, saftey precautions, many exercises, has a legitimate certification such as ACSM, NSCA, or the ISSA. Probably the most important thing when hiring a trainer is to figure out what kind of trainer you want to help you reach your goals. Because if you want to be in shape like a navy seal yo probably need a drilll sargeant type trainer but if you just want to be able to do everyday tasks like put something away in a cupboard above your head that weighs 20 pounds the drill sargeant type is not the kind of trainer you want. You might want a trainer that you consider a friend. You probably do not want someone who looks like they are off the cover of a muscle magazine unless you are looking to get into bodybuilding.

What kind of trainer am I you might be wondering? I am not the drill sargeant type. I will make your program harder as you progress through the different stages of fitness from flexibility and stability all the way through strength and power.

If this is something you are interested in you can reach me at:

614 499-4633

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Jerry Rice greatest receiver ever!

I'm sitting here watching sportcenter and Jerry Rice and Emmit Smith are getting inducted ino the Football Hall of Fame today. Both of them have numerous records but when people talk about the best receiver ever their ususally is not even anyone else mentioned in the conversation. When talking about the best running backs ever I hear the names Walter Payton, Jim Brown, Barry Sanders, not ususally Emmit Smith. Why was Jerry Rice the greatest ever at his position? Was it his genetics? Was it playing with Joe Montana and Steve Young or was it because he prepared smarter and harder than any other receiver in the history of the NFL? Jerry Rice is a legend and still runs 20 miles a week.

What are you doing to be the best athlete or person that you can be? I am very proficient at creating training programs. However I am not very good at following programs that I create for myself. If you want or need a program let me know and I will try to help you inyour goals.

On a side note my workout yesterday went for an hour and a half. I got my bench back up to 285 after only benching for about 4 weeks. I was not able to do very much upper body lifting for a while because of a torn extensor tendon in my right pinky. My grip strength as measured on a dynamometer wit my rigt hand went from 127 psi to a sad 65 psi. Also yesterday I hexbar deadlifted 405. I my have to get some 100 pound plates soon if I'm going to continue to go up in the hex bar deadlift.

I have a basic plan for the gym for te next 6 weeks. I am going to do hangcleans twice a week other than that I will go to Ausstralian Rules Football Practice. I'm sure I will do other lifts too but will not have a plan in place because I know when I make a detailed plan I just stray from it.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Kettlebell Sport & Fitness Premiere Issue

I purchased the premiere issue today Summer 2010. The whole magazine is about kettlebells. For those of yo who don't know kettlebell is basically a cast iron ball with a handle on it. So far I have read two articles one on the kettlebell explosion in Iceland at Mjolnir Gym and one on kettlebell swings. The kettlebell classes in Iceland now have 50-60 people in them and their are over 50 certified kettlebell instructors in Iceland.

The artilce on swings is called Climbing The Swing Mountain by Budd Jefferies a former powerlifter who squatte over 1000 pounds drug and equipment free. Budd decided he wanted to do 1000 reps of the swing. He worked his way up from 50 reps with the 24 kg bell all the way up to the 48 kg bell. He recently did 2000 reps with the 24 kg bell nonstop for 48 minutes. In two years of high rep swinging he lost 100 pounds, 14 inches off his waist, 12 pants sizes, and his forearms got bigger.

All this talk about swings inspired me. I had never done more than 20 reps of the swing with my little 20 pound kettlebell but tonight I did 60 reps in a row. Hopefully at the end of August I can swing my 20 pounder for 250 reps in a row and my 3o pounder for 100 reps in a row.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Changing the plan up

Todays workout ended up a lot different than what the plan was. I wantedto ride my bike about 10 miles and do a bunch of exercises with my TRX suspension straps. I got about a quarter of a mile away and another spoke on my back wheel broke which made it really annoying to ride. So I carried/rode home. I then tried to break the spoke off with some pliers but was unsuccessful so I walked to my car got some wire cutting plier and got the spoke off. Then I went to the RPAC for squats, glute-hams, pullups, and ran a mile. Supper was spring mix with steak, carrots, italian dressing, and a few croutons.

I have been thinking about how many leadboxes to order and where I will try to place them once they arrive. I have a list of about 40 different places where I would like to place my lead boxes.

I have a very extensive to do marketing list with about 85 things on it total. I know what I need to do it is just a matter of doing it. Hopefully as I do more of the things on my list I will start getting clientele so I can do what I know and love which is training.