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Thursday, December 16, 2010

To do list and motivation!

I have a lot of things I need to do. These include securing a space to run my boot camps, obtaining equipment for my camps, getting press releases out, posting flyers, placing lead boxes, collecting leads from lead boxes, contacting leads, scheduling camps, planning workouts, placing signs on my car, attending networking events, making contacts with people of influence e.g. hair dressers and Mary Kaye consultants, orderin plastic gift cards, and getting several things to try to resolve certain matters that I do not wish to go into here. I am in a rut here and need some motiation. Does anyone have any good book ideas for motivation?

On a completely unrelated note I feel that I am getting stronger. I benched 265 for an easy 3 reps probably could have gotten5, 285 for a very easy rep today without a spotter and just missed with 305. I know my weaknesses include my shoulders and once I strengthen my shoulders I will be able to get some respectable numbers. I plan on attempting a 20 rep squat program for a little while basically the plan is to do 100 reps with fairly light weights probably 155 pounds for 5 sets of 20 and then add 10 pounds each week. This should up my conditioning level a little bit and help me get used to squatting regularly again. After 6 weeks I should be ready to squat heavy again and hopefully get 405 pounds.

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