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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Kettlebell Sport & Fitness Premiere Issue

I purchased the premiere issue today Summer 2010. The whole magazine is about kettlebells. For those of yo who don't know kettlebell is basically a cast iron ball with a handle on it. So far I have read two articles one on the kettlebell explosion in Iceland at Mjolnir Gym and one on kettlebell swings. The kettlebell classes in Iceland now have 50-60 people in them and their are over 50 certified kettlebell instructors in Iceland.

The artilce on swings is called Climbing The Swing Mountain by Budd Jefferies a former powerlifter who squatte over 1000 pounds drug and equipment free. Budd decided he wanted to do 1000 reps of the swing. He worked his way up from 50 reps with the 24 kg bell all the way up to the 48 kg bell. He recently did 2000 reps with the 24 kg bell nonstop for 48 minutes. In two years of high rep swinging he lost 100 pounds, 14 inches off his waist, 12 pants sizes, and his forearms got bigger.

All this talk about swings inspired me. I had never done more than 20 reps of the swing with my little 20 pound kettlebell but tonight I did 60 reps in a row. Hopefully at the end of August I can swing my 20 pounder for 250 reps in a row and my 3o pounder for 100 reps in a row.

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