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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Jerry Rice greatest receiver ever!

I'm sitting here watching sportcenter and Jerry Rice and Emmit Smith are getting inducted ino the Football Hall of Fame today. Both of them have numerous records but when people talk about the best receiver ever their ususally is not even anyone else mentioned in the conversation. When talking about the best running backs ever I hear the names Walter Payton, Jim Brown, Barry Sanders, not ususally Emmit Smith. Why was Jerry Rice the greatest ever at his position? Was it his genetics? Was it playing with Joe Montana and Steve Young or was it because he prepared smarter and harder than any other receiver in the history of the NFL? Jerry Rice is a legend and still runs 20 miles a week.

What are you doing to be the best athlete or person that you can be? I am very proficient at creating training programs. However I am not very good at following programs that I create for myself. If you want or need a program let me know and I will try to help you inyour goals.

On a side note my workout yesterday went for an hour and a half. I got my bench back up to 285 after only benching for about 4 weeks. I was not able to do very much upper body lifting for a while because of a torn extensor tendon in my right pinky. My grip strength as measured on a dynamometer wit my rigt hand went from 127 psi to a sad 65 psi. Also yesterday I hexbar deadlifted 405. I my have to get some 100 pound plates soon if I'm going to continue to go up in the hex bar deadlift.

I have a basic plan for the gym for te next 6 weeks. I am going to do hangcleans twice a week other than that I will go to Ausstralian Rules Football Practice. I'm sure I will do other lifts too but will not have a plan in place because I know when I make a detailed plan I just stray from it.

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