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Friday, May 25, 2012

Hello, I hope you have an amazing weekend. I have a couple of things for you. First of all as some of you know I am finally resigning from my day job which will free up about 50 hours a week to get better at helping you reach your goals. I will have more time to create training programs, nutrition plans, as well as following up and using systems to help you lose weight and build muscle. Some of the things I am doing include using new Client Management Software where you will let me know when you are coming to class so we can: a. create training programs appropiate for the people coming to class b. know how many people are coming c. help hod you accountable We also will be doing more thourough assessments which will include things such as regular monthly weigh-ins, body fat checks, blood pressure readings, and diet plans to consume the correct number of calories each day to help you reach your goals. This weekend Jackhammer Strength Training is sponsoring the Rescue Run which raises money for Pet Promise a local organization which helps neglected dogs and cats get the treatment and help they need. If you would like to participate it is $30. Alternatively if you or someone you know want to help the cause but can not do the race you can come back to Jackhammer Strength Training for 5 weeks for $47 with 25% going to neglected animals. One last thing I have volunteered for the Mud Ninja race on July 28 and they need more volunteers. If you volunteer you can do the race for only $10. They need more volunteers so please let me know if this is something you would be interested in. Nathan Jordan Jackhammer Strength Training Proud Member of Fitness Revolution Nation Bachelor's Degree Sport Management Wellness & Fitness Track California University of Pennsylvania (614) 499-4633

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