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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Jackhammer 2013 in review


Became a published author with my contribution to the Big Play Book of Training Programs

Developed an actual system for my training

Implemented Fitranx the only standardized fitness training system in the world and became a level 4

Started Smart Group Training and movement screen based on the FMS

Kicked the goal that clinched the MAAFL Mid American Australian Rules Football League against Chicago.

Squated 405 pounds!

Broke my pullup record twice (now it is 20)

Completed Tough Mudder

Helped a client finish 2nd in a half ironman triathlon, helped teach a young woman overcome her squatting deficiencies to squat perfectly, helped brides look awesome for their weddings,helped a woman lose over 19 pounds in 6 weeks, helped guys get leaner and stronger, helped empower people from all walks of life feel better and accomplish things they were scared of, never thought about, or thought they could never do like jump on an 18" box or do their first pullup.

Completed my International Youth Conditioning Association IYCA baseline training certificate to start training kids

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