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Thursday, January 29, 2015

What My Proudest Fitness Achievements of All Time should Mean to You

My ten proudest fitness achievements of all time
  1. Doing the Murph workout in under 45 minutes
  2. Running 2 miles in 12:30
  3. Bench pressing 300 pounds, hex bar deadlifting 514, and box squatting 500
  4. Losing 30 pounds in 6 weeks
  5. Doing 200 kettlebell snatches with a 35 pound bell in under 9 minutes
  6. Doing 20 pullups in a row
  7. Finishing Tough Mudder
  8. Dunking a softball on a regulation hoop at 5`9
  9. Kicking the winning goal to seal the first Columbus Jackaroos MAAFL championship
  10. Scoring off the kickoff against the National Barbados 19 and under soccer team.
What does this all mean to you.  It should mean I am an athlete that knows how to lose weight, knows how to gain weight, knows how to get strong both in the power lifts as well as body weight training.  I have competed at a high level and have helped hundreds of people with their fitness goals from losing 80 pounds to firming up that booty.  Oh yeah!  The Dukes theme song just came on.  That`s right I am listening to the Johnny Cash channel as I write this.
What are your ten proudest fitness accomplishments of your life?  Did you run a 5 k?  Did you do the Warrior Dash?  Did you join a group training program?  Did you admit you need help and turn to a professional?  Did you overcome your fear and head in those doors and try out something new?  Did you go back for day two?
Why did you go back for more?  If you did not go back why did you not go back?  Did the trainer push you too hard?  Were you too sore to move the the next few days and swear off exercising for ever?  If so do not feel bad that happens to countless people especially in a large group setting.  Remember that old saying pain is weakness leaving the body.
Here in Columbus there are over 400 gyms, adventure racing groups, couch to 5 k groups, marathon groups, strongman, powerlifting, bodybuilding, crossfit, fitranx, big boxes, YMCA`s, 24 hour gyms to rent machines, and even triathlon groups!
Set a goal, make a plan, if you need help with that plan find a gym that works for you, find a workout partner or an entire group with similar goals, get to it, and conquer it.  Visualize the end goal, take action, and accomplish everything you ever wanted.

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