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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

2015 Jackhammer Strength Training Transformation Challenge

I bet you spend $3 per day on something you do not need.  Maybe it`s going out to eat every day for lunch.  Maybe it`s the breakfast sandwich or coffee.  Could you try to make a lunch every day, make your coffee at home, and use that money for something like your fitness?  How much better could your life be if you were disciplined enough to do something for 9 weeks?  Being accountable to scheduled workouts, being accountable to a nutrition plan, being accountable to yourself, and truly going after a goal.

Maybe you want to lose 15 pounds, maybe you want a 6 pack, maybe you want to increase your bench press, maybe you got hurt doing Crossfit and you want the kind of results you got doing Crossfit but you do not want to get hurt again.  Whatever your fitness goals, career goals, and even life goals I believe I can help.  Our challenge costs less than a cup of coffee at your local Starbucks just $150 for 9 weeks!


Why do I believe I can help?  Well the short answer is because that is what I do at Jackhammer Strength Training.  I help people.  I donate training packages on a regular basis to various causes things like Relay for Life, Ovarian Cancer Alliance of Ohio, YWCA, Alzheimer`s Association, and even youth basketball teams.

Here are just a few success stories from Jackhammer Strength Training Margaret`s knees got better, Dan`s knees got better, Paul`s back got better, Bridget lost 50 pounds, Becky became a better runner without running, Jessie benched 100 pounds, Jason gaining 24 pounds in 10 weeks, Kat did a 200 pound hex bar deadlift, Jill became a better triathlete and qualified for nationals, Tricia lost 80 pounds, Jessica improved her balance and played roller derby on the a team, and Sam (I am I will walk again) is getting better each and every week and more importantly smiling and having fun.

You may have noticed some of these people lost weight, some gained weight, some became better athletes, some got stronger, and some had less pain.  In general you can only train two forms of fitness at once.  An example is one can lose weight and improve endurance but one cannot lose weight, experience hypertrophy, and get stronger all at the same time.

I have a Bachelor`s degree in Sport Management Wellness & Fitness, have been a trainer for nine years, owned a personal training and group training studio for four years, have trained over 1500 people, and have over 10,000 training hours in the books.

I do not know your goals but if I did it would be a heck of a lot easier to help you reach them.  A narrow focus helps immensely when chasing a goal.  This year I have three fitness goals do a sprint triathlon, snatch my body weight, and hex bar deadlift my area code 614 pounds.  I have a ton of work to do.  I know I need to get much more mobile and practice the snatch on a regular basis and even find a coach.  I need to swim three days a week and I must train the deadlift, rack pull, and hex bar deadlift regularly so I can continue getting stronger even during Australian Rules Football season which is April to October.

Are you lacking on the nutrition side of things Jackhammer Strength Training will help you with that as well.  Losing or gaining weight is much easier with proper goal setting and nutrition guidance.

January 17 is our four year anniversary and to celebrate we will be kicking off our 9 week transformation challenge. It includes unlimited workouts for 9 weeks with 8 different formats, 3 weigh ins, 3 body fat screenings, a nutrition plan, access to Lean University a college level nutrition course, guaranteed results, and more. Sessions at 545 am, 7 am, 430 pm, 530 pm , 630 pm, Saturdays at 9 and 10 am, Sundays at noon or 4. Just $149.99 less than $2.40 per day! Also there will be prizes for the best transformations. Current clients their is no easier way to refer someone than this challenge in conjunction with your $100 gift card!

If you want to transform click here:

Here is the link to sign up for our transformation challenge. Don`t you want to win a massage? You have to go to this link:… create an account, log in, go to retail, go to promotions, and then go to 9 week challenge, and then put in your information to pay for the challenge.

p.s. you only have three more days and then this opportunity is gone forever!

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