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Wednesday, June 15, 2011


It has been a crazy couple of months. The Groupon sold 223 offically and about 235 after I honored the deal to more people who did not get it through Groupon. Over 100 people started in the first month unfortunately I did not offer an enticing offer soon enough. I lost 5 of my members that were coming in and need to get them back. I currently have 28 people on board at $67 for 6 weeks, just hired a salseman, am looking for a second morning trainer, have a thursday evening trainer so i can go to Australian Rules Football practice. This week she will be teaching thursday, friday, and saturday as I am going to Chicago to a Cubs-Yankess game and an Aussy rules match against Chicago United.

I graduated about 5 weeks ago, need to start studying for the C.S.C.S. exam. On another note I just learned about the new postal service program to help small businesses with direct mail campaigns. You no longer need to purchase a list but can just send 200-5000 postcards up to 8 1/2 x 11 on any routhe within a zip code. For my first campaign I am going to sewnd out 1000 in the Grandview area. Hopefully this will turen into about 30 more people coming into the gym. On another note I have placed 14 signs and I think they are all gone now. So my new plan of attack is to ask my clients if they have a yard and if so ask them if they would be willing to put them in their yards. Tonight Berena took a sign to put in her yard. When I get back from Chicago I hope to get my decals onto my car might even go for a half wrap. Also in the works is Qnanza and I hope to get a Living Social Deal soon as well. But if I do get a Living Social Coupon I am going to have three more trainers ready to train!

On a personal note trying to do too much too fast and I am not sure why. I am not exactly sure what I want. I know what I am used to and I miss the things I grew accustomed to.

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