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Friday, February 12, 2016

Jackhammer Strength Training`s top 10 cardio exercises

When most people think of cardio they think of long slow distance cardio.  Yes that can be good but their are much better ways to do your cardio.  At Jackhammer Strength Training a fitness studio at 3002 McKinley Ave.  in Columbus Ohio we do what I call power cardio. I am going to list my top 10 favorite cardio exercises that we employ to get our personal training and small group training clients incredible results.

1. Battling Rope we do many variations but the double wave with a jump is my personal favorite

2. Medicine Ball slam this will really get your heart rate up when you slam the ball as hard as you can

3. Airdyne bike as you go faster you have to work harder and harder try going all out for 20 seconds rest for 20 seconds and see how many rounds you can go

4. Burpees our standard burpee is down to pushup position, back to your feet, and jump as high as you can

5. Jump rope we do not jump rope that often and should more it is a great exercise

6. Kettlebell swings once someone can hinge properly and learns how to swing without their back hurting this can really be a game changer

7. Band resisted froggy jumps help you get stronger, more powerful, and get your heart rate up all at the same time

8. Medicine ball granny throws throw the ball up as high as you can, let it land, and repeat, the only problem is when people get too strong for our little 20 pound medicine balls and we need to go outside and it is too cold or raining

9. Complexes I use about 30 complexes of 6 to 8 exercises in quick succession

10. Ring of Fire with resistance bands band press outs, band resisted sideways running, band lunges multiple variations, band froggy jumps, band extensions, backwards running

Notice their is no jogging on this list no being bored out of your mind on the elliptical.  If you want to be skinny and weak by all means go run long distances slowly.  If you want to be fit and ready for anything start lifting and doing metabolic work like the above exercises.  If you need some help come on in we have a bring a friend in promotion right now where you both get a free month of small group training.  If I gave you $150 you would want it right?  That is what this is worth.  Hope to see you tonight at 430 pm or 530 pm or Saturday morning at 930 am.

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