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Friday, February 26, 2016

Just because I can does not mean that I should!

The Crossfit Open 16.1 is happening.  Their are over 8,000 Crossfit gyms in the world and probably over 200,000 people will do the 16.1 workout.  I can do this workout but that does not mean that I should.  The 16.1 for a man includes walking lunges with a 95 pound bar overhead 8 burpees, 8 chest to bar pullups, and the walking lunges with the 95 pound bar again.  You do as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes.  Yes I know I can do this and I could probably get 6 rounds.  But will it make my life better?  No.  Will it get me closer to my goals?  No.

These are not the reasons though that I should not do this workout.  The reason I should not do this workout is that lunges hurt and not in a good way.  Lunges really hurt my left knee.  I can lunge but I should not lunge.  This is why I will not be doing the 16.1.

My workout today will make me better, will make me stronger, will not leave me so sore that I cannot function properly the next few days, and most importantly get me ready for Australian Rules Football season.  You see the workouts that hammerheads do not only make you ready for anything but they really do make you resilient against injury and sickness.

Case in point I get sick about once a year.  In my 8 years of playing arguably the most dangerous sport in the world I have only had two real injuries a bruised rib and a minor torn mcl and these were both before I started Jackhammer Strength Training and developed all of my training systems.

My workout today will consist of:

Zercher squats
Bench Press Lock Outs
Weighted Dips
Light Barbell Military Presses probably 3 sets of 8

for cardio 20-10 rounds on the:

airdyne bike
hitting the heavy bag
a jump variation
fast short range motion pushups

If you are going to do the 16.1 and the rest of the Crossfit Open good luck. This is almost certainly going to be the easiest of the Open. If you would like something with more variety and more emphasis on the power lifts as opposed to the Olympic lifts come on in for a free week of small group training at Jackhammer Strength Training located at 3002 McKinley Ave. Columbus, Oh 43204 very close to Upper Arlington, Grandview, and Hilliard.

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